Charitable Night of Nadodrze

Charitable Night of Nadodrze: concerts, workshops, exhibitions, fairs, meetings, tastings, performances, film screenings

ZENKA cafe [Dubois Street 41] 9.00-21.00. The premiere of the new menu. Collect + get: 10% for each wine from the wine list and refreshments with new pastries and dipping sauce

Specialties of Nadodrze

Zenka Cafe has been operating in Nadodrze for a year. In its offer, it has not only dinners and lunches, but also breakfast, which serves from 7 in the morning.

Only during the Specialties of Nadodrze you can try pork meatballs with leeks, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan and parsley.


Specialties of Nadodrze – culinary feast of the estate

Zenka Cafe has been operating in Nadodrze for a year. In its offer, it has not only dinners and lunches, but also breakfast, which serves from 7 in the morning. Only during the Specialties of Nadodrze will you be able to try marinated meatballs served on toast and warming lavender infusion.

A little bit of breath in the city, Zenka Cafe - Wrocław

Sitting in the corner of a small garden, surrounded by greenery climbing the fence, staying away from the busy street, for a moment we moved to the holiday land, where time flows a little slower, the sun does not burn, it warms nicely, and fresh and light food it's a lot of fun.

We highly recommend you to Zenka!

Zenka Cafe

Looking at a slightly chaotic menu, we noticed Zenek's pedigree. As in Central Cafe, you can try bagels with additions, eggs in several ways, porridge, as well as salads and pancakes. There is also a soup of the day and company bagels with pastrami, and lunch sets are served during the week. You can choose standard warm drinks, alcohol and lemonade to drink. The beautiful sweets in the glass refrigerator are very tempting.

Zenka Cafe: A grand opening of a new restaurant by the Odra River

For a month on the Nadodrze estate there is a younger sister of Central Cafe - Zenka Cafe. On 1 July at 5 pm, a welcome party opens for everyone. With snacks and wine, the owners will talk about pastrami (about cured beef brisket with which crunchy bagels are served here), and also about how it happened that next to the Odra River a new bar and cafe was created.

Zenka Cafe – for coffee, breakfast and pastrami

You know the Central Cafe - you know, do you know Zenka Cafe? If not yet, then you will know in a moment. Zenka is the younger sister of Central Cafe, twin, though located in a more picturesque place, on the edge of the Nadodrza housing estate, and a dozen meters further the Odra river flows slowly.

(...) This is one of those places that I love at the start for opening hours. Breakfast from seven in the morning is something that in this city does not actually see.

Zenka Cafe – the younger sister of Central Cafe is already open!

A week ago, in a futuristic office building on the banks of the Odra River, a charming bistro opened near the Mieszczański Bridge, an extension of the formula known from Central Cafe. Its owners have prepared a new place with the offer of breakfasts, lunches and evening card. The lovers of bagels, porridge and pancaks from Antoni will find their happiness here.


Zenka Cafe - promotional photos

Do you want to drink a good cup of coffee and eat a really good breakfast in a place overlooking the river, and in the evenings to drink there wine, warming ginger tea or cider? Be sure to drop by at Zenek Cafe on Nadodrze. This place is unique, atmospheric, cozy, with beautiful design, lots of plants and newspapers and magazines to read.

Zenka Cafe

I discovered Zenka some time ago 🙂 Small, pleasant cafe / restaurant at Dubois Street. My heart won one item on the menu - pancake with bacon, maple syrup and banana <3 😀 Maybe it is not quite that fit, but the palate was pampered 😉

In any case, the Zenka menu also has a lot of suggestions that will pamper the palate and will not cause you any remorse 😛

Zenka: masters breakfast

The first meal of the day is said to be the most important one, and thanks to the next breakfasts, it has a chance to be also the tastiest one. In Wrocław, they are a specialty, especially Central Cafe, which has recently had a younger sister, Zenka at Dubois 41, where coffee and a snack can be dropped from as early as 7 am.

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Excellent sandwich with pastrami

I have been here several times in various company - clients from Italy, France and "my own" and always ate fresh and tasty. Excellent sandwich with pastrami, phenomenal chia seed pudding. For breakfast I recommend my favorite omelette with mushrooms, spinach and zucchini - delicious! Coffee very good what is not so easy in our city. Good and well served lettuce. A place worth recommending.

I like to come back here

Great place to work and meet friends. An intimate atmosphere, nice music, nice decor, sometimes it happens to me to drive half a city to spend a moment there.

Very good coffee, desserts like desserts are sweet, there is always a lot to choose from :) The option to compose your own pasta deserves a plus :)

Keep on a good work!

Nice new place for a quick breakfast. Staff is very friendly and food is very nice and healthy for a good start of the day. Good start! Keep on a good work!