Breakfast & bagels

Eggs in many kinds

We invite you to a delicious breakfast at Zenka Cafe. Zenka recommends fried eggs with halloumi, breakfast salad with poached eggs, omelette with pastrami and fried eggs with smoked salmon.

Bagles & pastrami

We especially recommend our baguettes and bagels with pastrami! Fresh, delicious and perfectly composed.

We leave the rating to your taste buds.

Pancakes & more

Delicious pancakes with bacon and maple syrup or in a sweet version. A large number of delicious toppings to choose from.

For lovers of traditional breakfast, we offer our colorful porridge.

Pastrami & more


Delicious and rich in ingredients bagels and pastrami! It's more than a sandwich.

Pasta & salads

Zenka creates delicious and healthy salads with very original additions such as sea buckthorn or smoked pepper.

Our pasta is a great combination of delicious sauces, cheeses, tomatoes and green leaves of arugula or mint.


In addition to the classics of pastrami sandwiches, pasta and salads, we also offer delicious soups as well as main courses.

Drinks & cakes

Coffee, infusions & others

Zenka Cafe serves very good coffee, the taste of which is appreciated by many guests. Served on-site and take-out. The essence of the taste of real coffee!

Our teas are a large range of colors that emanate the same amount of flavors and aromas. If you are in a hurry, order an ordinary Earl Gray, but if you want to enjoy the moment, then... just ask us 😉

Cakes & desserts

Our cakes and desserts are a rainbow of colors for cakes, creams, fruit and other additives. Always fresh, tempting and excellent as a complement to drinks.

Juices & smoothies

We really do not know what to write about juices. Juice is juice. You drink either chemistry or what is produced by the fruits. Our smoothies are also juices but a bit richer in fiber.

We compose it beautifully, like everything at Zenka Cafe 🙂 We are proud!

Beer, wine & others

Beer, wine

Completely relaxed, after work you can chat with friends and colleagues in the pleasant atmosphere of Zenka Cafe.

Beer, wine, cider and many other drinks will beautify your celebration of the evening.


To warm up the atmosphere of the meeting, and at the same time to feel the taste of a great blend of liqueurs and juices - reach for our cocktails.

If, however, you want to cool off on our terrace, a refreshing aperol will be a good choice.


In addition to the listed tasty drinks with alcohol, Zenka recommends you a winter mousse with honey or ciders with many flavors.